Bulky Trash PickUp - Couches and Mattresses OH MY!

I currently have curbside trash pick-up once a week. They only pickup the garbage cans/poly carts and do not pickup any of the bulky trash items. So the result is everyone throws beds, couches and everything bulky along the road. I drove through last week and about 40% of my residents had some type of bulky trash at the road or along the side of their MH. I am curious to learn options on how others manage the bulky trash situation in the parks?

This MHP is in Illinois


Once a year we rent a few 40 yard dumpsters. We send out notices stating the additional cost (if any, per dumpster company) for mattresses, etc. Most are good about telling us if they’re getting rid of something and will pay the few bucks.
In your situation you need to issue a notice of what can go in curbside and issue violations to those with items on the curb.
Quickest way would be to have someone pick them all up and bill it back. Or you can play the long game of coercing them to do it themselves.

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Not sure what state you are in but here in CA there are mattress recyclers and can drop 3 mattresses/boxsprings at no cost

I too have this problem with trash and debris. Not so much mattresses (though we did have 1 in the past 6 months). But just junk in general. We have a 5-unit hybrid park and at least 1 tenant was being cheap and not paying for trash, nor taking her junk to the dump. She would just leave it roadside. Because we couldn’t prove it, couldn’t fine her (normally we fine folks for this behavior).

What we do is pay someone $60-100 to take a load as needed. Shouldn’t take them more than 2 hours in most cases. In my jurisdiction, no dump fee as long as 1) truck used is not labeled as a “business” and 2) no appliances. So, where I am going with this is: if I pay someone $100 to remove a full load, minus gas costs - they just made the equivalent of like $45 per hour! Even if you have two people working, thats $25/hour. Not bad for an unskilled job, folks!

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Agreeing with @westewart that we bring in a dumpster maybe once a season so residents can unload all their treasures. :roll_eyes: