Bulk smoke detectors

I need 100 smoke detectors. Anyone have a good source for bulk purchases?

@Coach62 , as per your question:

  • “I need 100 smoke detectors. Anyone have a good source for bulk purchases?”

We purchased 25 smoke detectors online through Home Depot and had them shipped to us.

Now 100 smoke detectors might go over Home Depot’s maximum limit.

However, you could always try to do order online over multiple days.

If you have gas in any of your Mobile Homes, you will want Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

We wish you the very best!

I found a place online that had 100 as the minimum order, it was $295 without batteries, $350 with batteries including shipping. I figured I wasn’t going to beat that by much so I ordered them.

Speaking of Smoke Detectors, make sure that every tenant signs a “Smoke Detector” agreement upon move in. This agreement basically says the smoke detector is working when they move in and it’s up to them to replace the batteries, or advise management if its otherwise nonoperational. That form has saved our clients from huge lawsuits associated with fire deaths in the past. A sample Form is in the Forms section at www.mobileagency.com



@Coach62 100 smoke detectors for $295? Can you share source please?

Looks like the price has gone up slightly without batteries. I think it’s now about $6 more for 100 detectors. Price with batteries is the same, $350 for 100


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Really great stuff Kurt, I’m surprised I haven’t heard that before.

I looked up the form, and is there any drawback to having this agreement reference both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? It seems like that extra reference would only help the park.

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@Coach62 Thank you for sharing the information.