Building permit information for Calfornia

I’m looking into buying a mobile home park in Santa Cruz County, CA. It’s a small park with many homes in need of repairs and I’m trying to get a handle on the renovation costs. As a general contractor, I’m familiar with the permit process for houses and such, but I’ve been getting conflicting information on what’s required for mobile homes.

The park manager/owner inherited the park and is not up to speed on the requirements. Here’s what I’ve been told so far:

From the Santa Cruz Country Planning Dept: One person at the office told me that permits were all done through the state; one person told me over the phone that both state and local permits were required. I’ll check back with them this week but it’s hard for me to get over there during business hours and getting through buy phone is difficult.

From two contractors who specialize in mobile home work: Both said that they never got permits unless they were doing complete renovations and that they only followed park guidelines as to work hours, debris disposal, etc. One has done several jobs at the park I’m looking at and never had issues.

An initial exploration of the CA Dept of Housing and Community Development website seems to indicate that permits and/or plans are required (HCD MH 604 and HCD 415). I’ve left voice messages but have not heard back from them.

While I’m sure that major repairs need permits, the main question I have is about the minor repairs that are needed at this park which I’d like to be able do quickly in order to start renting out units. Things like replacing damaged siding, trim, etc. If anyone can shed any light on this, I’d really appreciate it, as I like to do know what I’m getting into before I jump into unknown territory. Thanks very much.