Build new Website or Facebook Page

We have a website that should be updated (up hill battle) . Our inventory changes frequently and uploading, formatting takes more time than I have patience. Does anyone have success with home sales for their community with a Facebook business page?

I can’t advise you on FB as I have no experience with it (but will be interested to hear how it works for others).

However I have just hired a web developer to build my most recent website using one of the Squarespace templates, and I’m very happy with it. The cost was $300 and took about a week. It is easy - even for me! - to update with new home inventory. The site looks great, and has a slick built-in metrics to track site visits.

Message me if you are interested in the developer’s name.

To your continued success,


Thanks Jefferson! is cheap, and easy to use.

$8 a month and you don’t need to hire a web developer.

You can have one free page, but it will hang off their domain name.

For your own page domain its only $8 a month.