Broken windows and unsecured items during move

I bought two homes off a broker based on his representations and photos. I then hired a mover to move the home over to my park, and when it arrived the home had:
-Two broken windows and a damaged exterior light on one of the homes
-Loose storm windows inside that shattered and unsecured dishes that damaged the cabinets in the other

I brought this up with the mover, and he said the broken exterior windows could be caused by the home flexing. There was also a lot of brush encountered pulling the home out, and unreasonable amount to clear. The brush could have caused the damage and its the result of a difficult location.

For the broken storms and damage caused by broken dishes, he said it is the homeowners responsibility to secure everything in the home. He often doesn’t even check the inside, and his crew may not load the skirting inside until after dark.

Whose fault is it the loose storms and dishes shattered inside?:
-The broker, it’s expected he’s selling it to a park move out ready
-The mover, he should inspect and make sure the home is completely ready before moving.
-Me, I should be expected to ask the broker if the home is secured, and if not to specifically ask the mover or a local to secure the home

YOU!! Your learning curve is quickly going up and better at the DETAILS! Next time you will better understand–did the sellers guarantee in writing that he was responsible for ???

What do your agreements with the broker and mover say about these issues/responsibilities?

Caveat Emptor…