Broken window on rent credit program home

I have a tenant who moved into a rehabbed home through a rent credit program two months ago.The tenant claims someone has been trying to break into their home a couple of times, and that someone recently broke a window on their home.However, my manager says the new tenants have locked themselves out of their home a couple of times, and the broken window appeared shortly after one of these lockouts when he was off site and couldn’t open the home up for them.  Basically, it is very possible they broke it themselves and are lying.My current plan is to tell the residents that through the rent credit program they are responsible for non major repairs to the home.  They can repair it themselves (which is very doubtful), otherwise our contractor will repair it for them and the cost of parts and labor will be billed back to the resident on their rent.How would you handle the situation?

I would do exactly as you suggest.
I would also call them on their lie. Tell them that they must file a breakin report with the police and that you want a copy of the report for your file. No exceptions all criminal activity in the community must be reported, Insist they do it. Just as you are about done speaking to them say —  Oh and  by the way there are consequences for filing false reports.