Bottom Feeder par Excellence

The self-proclaimed “bottom feeder,” Rick Evans, is well known for his competency and his highly successful enterprise. According to him, he has been actively searching for additional investments to expand his empire. He is ready, willing, and able to pull the trigger on a desirable trophy. So far to no avail. What is the matter with this man? Too picky? Indirectly, he tells us that he cannot see to bottom - yet. Perhaps he will score at the right time and place. But for us to see the bottom, real estate will have to continue its decline while higher taxes, increased energy and utilities costs and higher interest rates will take their additional toll first. Eventually, of course, the bottom will become apparent, but there is no legitimate reason to believe that the economy will not plateau for quite a while afterward. The patient bottom feeder will certainly feel in heaven. Talk about a transfer of wealth!.