Boot Camp Feedback

Just came back fro Seattle, WA Boot Camp and just wanted to rephrase Nike and tell anyone still on the fence “Just Do It”.
This was the best money spent ever!
The Boot Camp was FANTASTIC!!! Out of this world!!! I can honestly say that it’s the best training I’ve had in any field! Frank is a walking wealth of information knowledge base as is Brandon, and they are both sharing everything they know with ease, honesty generosity and humor (there’s plenty!!!).

If anyone is thinking to just buy the home study course, my take is that it does has all the info but will you sit down for straight 3 days and go over it? You will have questions for sure. In the bootcamp you sit down for 3 straight days in a row (from 9 am until almost 10 pm with just lunch and dinner break) and listen to Frank talk! All the information is delivered in a very structured and organized way, methodically yet it is not strict, Frank answers any question that pops up, and people have MANY questions. He talks for 3 hours straight! Even while on the bus driving from park to park Frank was talking. There is no way you can cover this material by yourself in such a short time. I was thinking it would have taken me months if not a year to go over all the material I got from the Home Study Course since there’s so much to do and I can probably cover only 1-2 hours a day. If you are seriously considering investing in a MHP I believe the Bootcamp is a MUST! You also get to know people and who knows, some might become business partners?

It is well worth the money and beyond! Frank Rolfe is a very special person with an amazing wealth of information.

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Rinain, I wholeheartedly agree with you concerning Frank and Boot Camp.

Both my Husband and I had the pleasure of attending Book Camp with Frank last year.

Before Boot Camp we had purchased Frank’s CDs and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to each and every single one.

However, as Rinain stated there is nothing better than listening to Frank in person for 3 days straight.

Anyone who is even considering placing an offer on a MHP should physically go to Frank’s Boot Camp BEFORE making any offers.

We wish you the very best!

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I attended the one in Orlando this past winter. In my opinion it’s worth much more than what you pay.

I got much more out of it than I expected, and like you say, Frank is a machine. 13 hours plus a day of intense classroom with only brief breaks for eating.

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As a fellow small business owner, I appreciate Frank’s frank comments about what they did wrong when buying or operating their parks. Learning from others’ mistakes is the trait of a wise man.

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Yes, Frank is a very talented man. To be able to spend 3 days of training with someone at his level of experience and success in an industry that you might want to try to make your fortune in, is not something to pass on.

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Kurt we heard many good things about you!

I second what Rinain wrote. The Seattle boot camp experience was well worth the money and time.

The Orlando bootcamp was better :sunglasses:

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