I need recommendations for user-friendly bookkeeping software and related sources for our MH business. K I S S please!

Thank you.

Bernd Hanak

quickbooks- see if Ellen Brenn will give you her chart of accounts and you’ll be set.

Tax attorney John Hyre wrote a quickbooks based bookkeeping course which he calls the KISS method as I recall. John knows Lonnie and Lonnie deals well and even uses those terms in his course. The course includes a spreadsheet selection and workbook that walks you through the entries in Quickbooks for the mobile home business too include rentals etc.


I use Rent Manager, which uses a variation of word and Excel. I love it. The support is great, and it has different modules you can add on seamlessly, like a loan program, and metered utilities. It comes with a complete financial package, statements are a snap, and everything looks professional. Set up your loans, and any templates for letters, sales, loans, or lease agreements, no hassles.

They have a demo program you can play with for no charge.

The only downside, is that it is a little $$$, but it works great. I don’t know how big your park is, but they charge according to the number of rental units you have. Mine is 44 soon to be 68.


I thank you for your responses. It seems that from the private e-mail I received, many are using the QuickBooks and several recommended John Hyre"s materials. I shall get both .

Thank you again,

Bernd Hanak

I use Quickbooks Simplestart. It does exactly what I need, lets you custom design rent bills (I print individualized rent deposit slips) and it is free.