Book Review: Mobile Home Park Manifesto by Glenn Esterson

Glenn recently published this book talking about our industry from a broker’s point of view (he’s also been an owner).

Thought provoking read and I can see where it will influence how I handle my own park, even though selling is not in the near future. It will also influence how I evaluate my next deal.


Just bought it! Thanks for the recommendation. Was only $4.50 on kindle. Hard to think I wouldn’t get that much value out of it! Where/how did you get wind of this book?


I think I stumbled into the associated podcast first, but I’d also previously been on Glenn’s monthly MHP for sale list.

Additional perspective is usually good. At the very least, this guy will tell you how he arrives at a recommended listing price and factors you can use to influence your listing price before calling a broker.


Great read - worked through it in a weekend and glad I purchased it!



Do you own or are you considering buying a MHP?

Lookin’ to buy first one (like everybody?), but have been studying anything I can get my hands on, for 2 years now. Not a death to poralisis, just pulling some good cash together while learning, so I don’t screw up big time. I liked the book for how he looked at some of the more complex math, along with some “to do” tips. The appendix bonuses were just that - sweet BONUS!

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In that case, I’d also recommend Frank’s bootcamp or at least purchasing his material. If you listen to his podcast enough, you can read the book in Frank’s voice like I did.

Yep, right there with ya Wanderer

Thanks Alan! I really appreciate the plug! Im happy to hear that so many of you have read the book. If any of you ever want to chat by phone or email about the biz, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here to help. My contact info is at - Glenn