Blue Book Value for Mobile Homes

Hi Everyone,

Is there a website or resource I can go to determine the blue book value for a mobile home?

Thanks for your help!


I use the N.A.D.A. Manufactured Housing Appraisal Guide, but with a grain of salt. I believe that manfactured home dealers inflate the figures. So, I deflate them somewhat.

I’ll check it out. Thanks for your help!

I have not found one. I pay $99 per year for three editions of the NADA. I usually sell the old editions on eBay for about what I pay for them new. If you are just buying one MH, send me the Make, Model, Year, Size, and area of the country of which you live and I will give you the value. But if you are going to buy, sell, rent , etc. more than one MH, you need to find a source.

Beach Boy thank you very much. I was just about to toss out my NADA books because I just use the CD and they were taking up to much room on the bookshelf. I will just sell them on ebay for a little dough instead…


Does your username mean that you are crazy for OSU or being held at OSU for observation?

I sold the last book for $28.50. Not bad when they cost $33.33. As for the CD, do you have a laptop or desktop or both?