For those of you who like to read the blogs, you should start seeing MORE entries! My friend Daphne Lowe has made a commitment to write at least one blog entry for every three that I make! Given the fact that both of us enjoy competition, this should be a win/win/win (Daphne, you, and me!)

I expect to have LOTS of material to write about over the coming months, and Daphne is working hard to get prepared for the 150 people or so who will be touring their park at MOM in November, so she should have lots of material as well.

To kick it off, I have made an entry tonight after writing one just a few days ago. There might be one more before the MHU cruise, but very definitely after it!



I’m sure glad the “crazy” man didn’t try to hit you during his rampage…I would have hated to travel to Troy to get Jim out of jail after he shot the guy…LOL

Great posts on the blogs.

Folks, if you are not following the blogs, you are missing out on valuable information and ideas from people who are in the trenches every day making mobile home park ownership a reality.