Black Mold -- What to do about it

Had a POH “sold” on a rent-to-own basis; yet now the resident/buyer says he can not live in the home due to it is full of black mold and that it is illegal to sell a home with black mold. My initial thought is to refund the buyer’s money and terminate the agreement. As background, the home was one we bought from a previous tenant and “sold” to this new resident on a fixer-upper, as-is basis.


  1. How should the transaction with this buyer be handled? Terminated and refund his money?

  2. If the current fixer-upper agreement is terminated, should the home be discarded/taken off site and replaced with another home? Or should it be cleaned up and re-sold.

  3. How does one prevent and deal with black mold?

Any suggestions or advice about this issue and dealing with black mold would be very much appreciated.

Thanks !!

You must talk to a legal advisor he/she can help you with it and it’s a good decision not to buy a home that has black mold as after buying you always have the stress of doing mold removal from the home. So, it’s better not to buy that home.

Anyone else run into all mold is"black mold?". Any mold should be remediated, but I’ve seen stuff called black mold just by glimpsing at it. My understanding is that black mold is certain types of mold, not every single dark colored variety?

Same problem here. Its a POH (apartment really). Not sure what to do, if anything.