Black Mold in Home

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I’m considering buying a 1996 2BR/2BA 16x70 home for $10,000 from a dealer - btw, that price includes delivery and setup into my park(!) Sounds like a great deal, but there is one catch: the home has 4 - 6 small ‘quarter-sized’ patches of black mold on the flooring under the carpet. The dealer says he’ll send samples to the local Health Department for analysis, but does not know much about it other than his boss has directed him to get rid of the home for cash.

So is this stuff ‘radio-active?’ Should I run from the home, or is this as simple as just putting down some Kilz and re-laying the same carpet? How does one deal with black mold?

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we deal with this all the time. We use a product “Moldstat” made by:

Theochem Laboratories, Inc

maybe find a local vendor and buy a package. cost is 44 here and it is very cool stuff. It is a two part application process and the black mold is reduced to an ash-like residue that is swept up.

black mold has been around forever. I would try to get more money off the price of the home…no dealer wants to sell a moldy home. Tell them you will waive your right legal recourse and you may pick the home up for 1/2 what they are asking. Or even less.

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If I read the website correctly, the company says this is a 3 step process. Do you use all 3 products or just the first 2? Will this work on particle board without swelling it up?



I have a related mold question. I searched the archives but could not find anything. If I fix a known mold problem & sell the home, do I need to get any kind of mold inspection certificate for the financing?

There is a doublewide on 1 ac listed in my MLS. It is a bank repo, sold as is, & the listing says it has a mold problem. (Someone set the home in front of a hill. Guess where the rainwater goes.) If I buy it & fix the problem, do I need to do anything special so that my buyer can get financing?



applied the product. I have the box on my desk and there is a brush and three spray bottles and 2 smaller chemical product bottles in it. I’ve seen the mold problem, then in two days I saw the ash like residue and watched how it swept right up…amazing really.

Miguel actually applies the product (and paints) and when he gets back from vacation I will ask him. This stuff really works very well, and to me it is cheap. One box will do about 50 square feet of mold area…maybe more.

It works much better than plain bleach water or other remedies I have tried. I believe it is available nation wide…


Has anyone else out there actually done the application of this product and, if so, what did you do?


In New york I have yet to buy or look at a home without mold! It’s hidden inside the walls. If the home has EVER had water leaking into the walls from windows, doors, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, tub, water heater, leaking pipe, leaking drain, etc it has mold. You just cannot see it. So to overlook a home for 4 “quarter size” mold spots is overly critical IMHO.

Mold can grow in any home as if there is any leakage in the home you will probably see mold there. So, try not to have water damage in your home. Also, changing home isn’t the solution, you must opt. for the mold remediation tips that can help you to stop the growth of mold.

If you are getting a home without mold then it’s a great thing. You won’t have to spend money on mold removal after buying the home.

If you are aware enough to know that moisture is a problem then you can go ahead and fix the area using a natural cleaning product. When using natural cleaning products make sure they are strong enough to effectively remove black mold. But I had no good experiences with natural cleaning on black molds. Only the experienced team of black mold remediation Coral Gables services fix your black molds permanently.