Bird Dogging

What is the best procedure for finding deals for others. Not the finding but the passing on. Should I put it under contract and make it assignable? Is there a legal way to protect the work I have done? Or do you just have to have a relationship with the person that you are passing it on to, to know that they are honest enough to pay you when it happens?

Also what is a fair finding fee?

Would it be unreasonable to take an ownership position in exchange for finding the deal?

I’ve been doing a lot of looking for parks and I’m about to step it up another notch. I’ve seen a lot of deals that would meet the 10/20 criteria. However even though that is what Dave and Frank teach in their book I suspect what they buy are actually 15/35 deals.

Is a 10/20 deal good enough to pass on or does it need to be better than that?