Billing Back Utilities and/or Raise the Lot Rent

As a new owner of a MHP, I find it amazing while reading the advice and experience of those on this forum that much of the information is already ringing true for me. As you all know, this forum is a wonderful, highly valuable tool and exchange. I find myself with many of the challenges already discussed here such as park owned homes having too much turn over and lots and lots of rehab costs; slow and partial payers of rents, all having stories and reasons for such; and a few (some large) items/issues that could have and should have been found if a better DD program was followed before pulling the trigger. Anyway, recently I posted a request for advice on sending letters to the residents and received very good advice from Brad and Frank: 1) keep the letters simple, and 2) check with the State about requirements of such letters.

Now I am looking for advice regarding raising rents and/or billing the garbage service to the residents. The garbage is curbside pick up and costs about $9 per home per month. One alternative is to switch to dumpsters; yet my feeling is that the residents would have a tough time with that change. So, I am thinking of adding a small fee each month to everyone to cover the cost. Although at the same time, I am considering a lot fee increase of between $10 and $15 per month per site.

It would be great to get everyones/anyones thoughts and experience with:

  1. Switching from curbside pick up to dumpsters.

  2. To have a larger lot fee increase and just keep paying the garbage myself.

  3. Maybe wait a few months after raising lot fees and then add the other extra fee of the garbage fee.

  4. What justification/information should be included in a notice of lot fee increase.

  5. Other alternatives and ideas

Thank you !!