Beware of seller in NY


It has come to the attention of a number of burned buyers/sellers that a certain person is trying to sell a MHP in RIpley NY and an apartment building in Ozark AL. This person is being sued at present for taking investors money (large amounts) and not putting it into the parks they invested in. THis same person is being foreclosed on by more than one owner who sold their park to them and they are not paying mortgagte, taxes and many other bills. THey have been banned from advertising on the MHP store but not loopnet.

Buyers be very wary of all sellers right now. Most are good but this person has burned at least 20 people so far and they do not CARE about the hell they are putting people through. They are lying and cheating their way through life under th guise of a Christian Business person. So… far from the truth. They are primarily selling in the Alabama, Kentucky, Tennesse and New York area.

Ask questions on these forums about sellers and we will let yu know if you are dealing with a shark. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PERSON YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Can you e mail me his name? I do business in Western NY