Best place to hire community managers and regional managers

I am needing to hire a couple of community managers and a regional manager to oversee multiple parks. Does anyone have any recommendations for where they have been able to find good candidates?
Not sure if Indeed would be the best, or Facebook Mobile Home Forums, or some other idea. Such a niche business that I wasn’t sure if there was a good place to recruit.

MFI has a full-service property management Division, We manage Multi-Family Properties Mainly throughout the Midwest.

Our Property Management Division is based on the core beliefs of integrity, honesty and hard work. We offer our clients a level of service, response time and open communication seldom encountered in today’s business world. Our clients can count on consistent communication, accurate financials and an unparalleled level of service. Our licensed professional managers, accountants and support staff, we will provide what you have been looking for in a management company.

Our function as a management company is to maximize the true potential of the property, stay on top of collections, keep expenses down, add value- get homes & lots occupied. Unfortunately there are management companies out there looking to be check writers (just paying the bills) and not looking to get the most out of the properties they manage for the best interest of their clients.

If Interested Call 989 494 0045

The company I vetted last month:
Not used them yet, but would be at the top of my list…a 30 min phone call with owner Justina Aylmer is valuable…she’s positioned herself to serve this much overlooked niche, as you identified.

I would stear away from the bigger companies. They preach a good sermon but their actions are very different.

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Im in Tampa and hands on!

We found our regional manager on Indeed and she has been great. She came over from luxury apartments. We just had to get her up to speed on MHP specifics. Our listing also drew some candidates from YES!, Sun, RHP. We are overpaying slightly, but it’s been worth it to have the talent. We also spelled out our core values and what the the career path would be in our hiring process.


Hey Chris,
That’s super helpful. I appreciate the info. As we are still trying to fully flush out a complete system and document our processes, we talked about trying to figure out how to pull someone from one of the larger groups to help with building out our processes.

Thanks. I know a Certified Community Manager (MHU) that may be interested as his itinerary may be about ready to end this month.
. Where is the Park located?

Lane Scott

Hello Lane,
We are open to a manager for a few parks. Springfield, IL, about an hour from Memphis in TN, New Bern, NC and perhaps another area or two (maybe AL or KY)

MFI Offer Management Services-Property Management | MFI Multi-Family Innovations (

@jk09081975 How much do you charge for your service?

We charge 7-10% of the monthly income