Best payroll service for parks - ADP, Gusto, or someone else?

Does anyone have a recommendation on a payroll company?

I use Quick Books payroll where you have to file your own tax forms.

QB payroll has excellent customer service, which I have used dozen of times and had them walk me through the process and get me to the point where I can do it myself despite my solidly entrenched willful ignorance and bad attitude towards the whole process.

Although you have to file your own payroll tax forms, QB generates them and tells you when they are due.

QB was the lowest priced payroll service I could find.

If you are not as tight fisted a landlord as I am, you can get more payroll services from QB then I describe.

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ADP. Usually when you shop Paychex and ADP against each other and they know that, they have offered some really competitive pricing.

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We use Gusto and have heard many positive things about them. I would recommend Gusto.

Gusto looks great. For full disclosure , i don’t love ADP for what its worth :slight_smile:

Is Gusto like more user friendly , looks interesting.

I’ve used Gusto for two years. No complaints and the price is right.

Quickbooks Payroll if using Quickbooks, otherwise Gusto.

You might also want to look into RainMaker’s new offerings. They received a large influx of capital last year and hired a number of Silcon Valley programmers. They have long roots in the MH industry and they have over 80% of the large independent retailers as clients and have had for years, using their old software.

They now are not only into payroll but payment processing methods as well.

I would talk to Bill Carr first as he is strongly involved with our industry and let him direct you to the right people to discuss your needs with. They are based out of Davenport, Iowa.

I can’t find RainMaker through a search, do you have a link?

I don’t know anything about the product but did have a chance to meet Bill Carr but did want to help you out on the link reference.

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I think that is an older website, but the phone numbers and email addresses are still correct. They are making many changes, and they may also be changing their name as well.