Best Ads to sell MHs - here are the best of the best

OK guys, let’s share our best ads we’ve ever done - and had the best luck with right here. This will help us all. Most of us are not in each other’s markets, so feel free to share away. Remember, only your very best ads. I’ll start:

for the ‘differed decor’ home -

CRAZY DEAL - REPO mobile home, nice, seller finance

14x80 3br REPO mobile home - needs carpet and to be cleaned. only $500 down and only $190/mo for just 40 more payments, then its paid off free and clear. Does not have to be moved.

Only 175 lot rent in a nice community near the lake, University and all shopping. Walk to Dollar General.

346 Sycamore Loop, Campbellsville, KY

VIDEO at or Call Cindy 859-319-4000 or Phil 270-995-0448