Beginner Park Investor

I am looking to buy my first mobile home park. Since it is my first I would like it to be close. There happens to be a park for sell in my town but it is a small rural town so I have been uncertain if I should try to invest in that park. There is a population in the area of about 30K.

What are some additional due diligence steps that I should do for this type of park or should I avoid it altogether?

I recommend that you take the boot camp offered by MHU before you buy a park. There is a virtual boot camp in a few months I believe.

Also Invest in the Home Study Course. You WILL save a lot more just on DD from reading/ listening to this manual. It’s a step by step how to buy and run a park. You wouldn’t fly a plane without training or drive a car, why would you risk your money on a bad deal? GO to the boot camp! I have gone twice and it’s worth 3-4 times the cost. No I don’t get anything from Frank or Dave.


I have been thinking about getting the home study course. So far I have read 3 books Frank and Daves 10/20 method being one of them and I’ve listened to about half of the pod cast that they have put out. There is a lot of really good information stuffed in there.

dont do a thing until you go thru the bootcamp. Not sure why newbies resist spending $ on education that can potentially save them 10000s