Basket ball hoop

Where to source a basket ball hoop, with permanent back board. Quality to last several years

Just Google “Commercial Basketball Goals”

You want to be sure to get a School Grade or Park Grade equipment.

Also, check with your insurance company to make sure you have coverage for the equipment.

Can we get some context why this is a good business strategy? I have been here a while and we don’t read much about basketball courts so would be interested in your specific situation.


Check out Good stuff.

Basketball and other playground areas tend to be a good bang for the buck on both maintenance and liability exposures. They’ll result in an additional insurance charge of $250 to $400 year. They are less liability than most expect as most all states have an assumed liability law for those engaging in athletic activities.

Just make sure surfaces are smooth and the court/playground is well kept. You’ll want hours of operation too, as you don’t want the court or playground to be a late night hang out for kids or young adults.