Bank Owned MHP

In a post earlier today I wrote:

I just had a friend inform me of a MHP in my local community that the bank wants off the books ASAP. I’ve not dealt with this aspect of MHP’s before, so I’m looking for someone who is experienced with MHP REO’s to please advise me on the process that I need to follow. What info will they provide/should I request?

While I did receive 1 reply advising me as to the special need for extra due diligence, I am still curious to know specifically how to work with the bank to gain the necessary info that any buyer will need. Do I treat them as any other seller and ask for financials, etc.?

Perhaps I’m being overly cautious just because it’s a bank I’m dealing with. As I see it, it’s just another potential deal that needs to be properly evaluated. I just need to know the proper protocol to interact with the bank effectively.

Thanks for the help.