Bad Tenant Database?

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I’d like to screen potential tenants better, as well as warn other landlords about some of my bad tenants.

I’ve been researching bad tenant databases such as:

Can anyone help clear the confusion from all these look-alike sites that all promise the same thing? I’m worried they may have too small of a tenant database to actually be of use. What databases do you use?

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I’ve not found any of these type tools to be worthwhile… We can pull public records here from the courthouse and at one time I was a member of a landlord group that provided a private list of compiled public records. IMHO You can find out much more from a simple credit report by looking for any unpaid utility bills! If a tenant leaves owing for electric service, gas, or cable you can be assured that the tenant left owing the landlord money!

I currently have 3 tenants that later proved to have a pending eviction at the time that they applied for one of our places, those tenants all passed the utility bill criteria and have been in place for 4 years, 3 years, and 9 months respectively. I can’t explain why but I think it falls back more to a landlord / tenant dispute than a money issue in all cases.

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Ryan Needler

I use resident data to screen my reesidents and i also call previous landlords. And so that deadbeat tenants who have been evicted from my park go into resident datas database.