Bad Garbage Contract

I signed a contract with Rumpke for trash service in Louisville. One month later I got a quote from Echotech for about 1/2 the price of Rumpke. Rumpke will not match the price and are not being very helpful.

Rumpke never brought in new bins, we have their old bins which are rusty. Perhaps I can get out of the contract? Anybody know of a good lawyer or a way that I can get out the trash contract?

Thanks. Will

Did they promise in writing to bring in new bins by a specified date and failed to do so? Are they in default in any way?

Call these people. They help with negotiating and renegotiating contracts. And talk to Ian.

@Jsmith they didn’t promise to bring in new bins and are not in default in any way. @WhiteTrashGator I will call Ian, thank you!