Bact to square one

had to walk on my perfect first park, stikcing point was additinal acreage. broker fels they cannot sell with additional land, and some onwer wanted to accept my offer. it was the only offer receioved in 4 months.looking at this one now … certainly much more work but i believe anothere good investmet. 52 sites, 24 lot rents (215), 8 rentals (425), 9 empty trailers, and 11 empty lots…city provided utilities. i like the owner financing here just ned to confirm condition of rentals and empties. I belive all homes are 1990 or newer which woud be no issue. Asking price of $425  what do you thinkl   

32x$215x70 (however you’ve not provided information on utilities, so 60x may be the ‘right’ number)=$481k for the land alone… plus whatever the homes are worth.$425 sounds very reasonable.Tie it up under contract.  Do your due diligence (‘30 Days of Due Diligence’ book off this website), come to Bootcamp, make it happen.Good luck,-jl-

Dean, I am sorry to hear that your first MHP Deal did not work out.However, I am glad that you stood your ground on the MHP price and terms (as the financials can not lie), that you were able to walk away and that you have found a new Deal.Good for you to be moving forward :-).I agree with Jefferson to get a Ratified Contract on it with a Due Diligence Period (which will allow you to get ‘Out’ of the Contract if need be).In my Contracts I write 60 - 90 Days of Due Diligence.  However, it depends upon what the Seller is willing to accept.We wish you the very best!