Background checks?

I searched first b-4 asking this.

I do not rent properties and it seems that that citicredit will not accept my company to work with.

I also have checked into Rentalresearch it seems they also want a list of properties that I rent.




I have been deferring this task to the park for my LD’s. But have a potential problem brewing where the park screwed up. I have seen the light to make sure that I verify the buyers.

I use the company below for credit &/or background checks…$9.95 for credit.

I second what WheelEstate_MS posted. You may also want to look around your area for a Landlord association to join. They have a small charge per year to be a member. They provide advice and refer’s for what ever topic related to renting income property. You can purchase rental forms that comply to your state/county/city landlord tenant laws. Vendors for repairs. Usually a monthly mag.

Renting Mobile homes is the same as renting a stick home. Only difference would be if you are renting just the space/pad and the mobile home it’s self is owned by the occupant. Even if the occupant owns the Mobile they are still tenants. So LL/TT laws would still apply.

Do a google search for keywords of: Example for Long Beach CA.

CA Apartment owners association Long Beach


CA Landlord association Long Beach

Then check them out. See which one fits your needs. Usually they will have a website.

I do both. Check the website first. Then visit in person and if I like it I will join in person. This is not needed. You can do all online if you would rather. This is just what I do.