Background checks - companies besides kroll

Does anyone use another company besides Kroll to do background checks?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

We use Resolve Partners (see and have been really happy with them. Not sure what their retail prices are anymore but we’re charged under $15/person for full background checks (criminal, credit, evictions). You might not get that pricing unless you are above a certain number of checks per month, but I seem to recall that even their pricing for low volume background checks was pretty reasonable.

Thanks suburban

We use AmRent

QUESTION: What Internet Background Check Company do you use?-  Criminal Background Check-  Eviction Report-  No Credit Report-  No Visiting MHP-  Landlord Pays-  No Tenant Pays-  No Contacting Of Tenant-  Price Per Each Tenant-  No Monthly Fees Or Other FeesSuburban, thank you for your recommendation of:'Resolve Partners’www.resolve-partners.comI took your suggestion and I have used them to provide the following for 6 Potential Tenants:-  Criminal Background Check-  Eviction ReportI was happy with them until yesterday when I received a ‘Clean Eviction Report’ for one Potential Tenant.I then personally did a Free, Local, Magistrate Search and found 24 Rules To Vacate and at least 2 Warrants Of Ejectment.  At the very least the Warrants Of Ejectment should have showed up on the Eviction Report.Yesterday, I emailed ‘Resolve-Partners’ and they said that they would ‘investigate’ it.However, I have not heard back from them.Which Background Check Company do you use?Thanks So Very Much!Kristin

What is it that you do not like about Kroll?

I think its too expensive. Maybe it works out if you do large volume but for two or three a month I think it can be done for less.
Mainly I want to see criminal history and if there have been recent evictions.

I agree with Brian Z:'Mainly I want to see criminal history and if there have been recent evictions.'The Criminal History and Recent Evictions are the most important thing to us.

Would anyone like to add anything new to this discussion? I have been using Kroll for criminal and eviction histories on new tenant applicants. Now that Amrent has purchased them it will require that the prospective tenant complete the application online and a report will be provided to me. I liked the convenience of being able to do it myself and receive the report very quickly.

Are there any other companies out there that you other park owners recommend?

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We use Mr. LandLord:

Works pretty much like what you are describing. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

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