Background check?

I am a multiple convicted. Felon did my time paid my debt to society…that was 5 years ago…today I am 29 yrs …master barber…est. in community;multiple bank accts… In revovery also. Today I went to a mobile home park to purchase a mobile for the price that they were asking… when I talked to the manager today I even admitted to him that I was a convicted felon …he said "common in full out background check got procedure " he said. 50buks wasted.becsuse of record…why would the manager knowing the outcome run me around…hmmm shady business

Did he inform you in advance that a felony would result in a conviction ?
If he did not I would request that he refund your money assuming you informed him in advance of your felony.
If he did not know of the felony in advance then he simply followed procedure. The $50 covers the cost of doing the background check so there is no financial gain on the part of the manager to do the check knowing you would fail.
There may have simply been a miscommunication.

Chance, it is amazing how many people get excited over someone’s criminal background whether they have “paid their debt” or not.

Here in the USA, we have about 5% of the world’s population BUT we have 25% (some studies say 50%) of the world’s prisoners. This frightening statistic should be an eye opener to everyone using such a metric to disqualify. There are some former felons that should be eyed with caution, but by and large most should not.

I have penpals in prisons and the ones I write should NEVER have seen the inside as they were railroaded by the judicial systems.

Those people that have not been to jail or prison yet, will soon find themselves in one or the other. It is only a matter of time, not IF.

Eg: If you have multiple traffic tickets (misdemeanor) for the same thing like speeding over a certain time frame, it is possible that you could find yourself coming under the “3 strikes” which could change those misdemeanors into a felony as a habitual offender. Just depends on the prosecutor and judge.

btw… studies have shown that someone in jail / prison for 18 months develops PTSD, which creates health problems for when they are released.

Yeah if he did the background check at all. It is tough deal if you have an eviction, or conviction or even rough credit. You have to pay for the background check and then you get turned away. Tough deal if you are trying to make a fresh start…

We pay for the background checks on our three candidates for each home…