Average single wide setup costs?

I am receiving bids for setup of a new single wide in a lot where there was a home previously and I wanted to see what I should expect for average costs for this setup of:

electrical connection (excluding AC)

sewer, water connection to city utilties

vinyl skirting (16x72)

3x3 landing and steps on front and back

thank you!

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I feel like I am in a foreign country quoting you set up costs from Idaho, but here you go

Home set, 6X8 front deck, 4X4 rear deck, permits, all plumbing , electric, skirting, and signed off by the city =$5400

Rick Ewens

Same for me in NE Ohio. I figure 5,000-5,500 and there always seems to be a new charge cropping up.


Wheat Hill

In Texas, I have a few parks there, it would depend on the area. If you were in the Valley I would say $2000, maybe $2500.

In Dallas / Ft. Worth, $3500 if it is pretty cut and dry, $4000 is more complex…

MAKE SURE the taxes are paid and you have them pull permits in Texas…

In Louisiana (God’s country) $4000 includes move & leveling $2100, water, sewage & Electrical hookups $900, pad $400 skirting $600.

KS: Looks like midwest is cheaper. $2500 gets you a local move, skirting, all utility hookups and the inspection. AC about $300-400 extra.

$4500 in Kentucky.

1800 tote, block, level, strap

1000 electric and plumbing

600 metal skirting (metal roof material) see earlier posts for photos - SWEET system!)

150 metal stairs back

950 nice 8x16 covered porch on the front

People stay longer with porches - may be a Southern thing. :slight_smile: