Average Gallons of Water / Sewer Per Month

Is there a general rule of thumb for water / sewer gallons used per month? I am currently looking at a park where it is approximately 25,000-30,000 gallons per lot per month. This seems extremely high to me. Is there an industry average per home? (Water/sewer is not individually metered).

I have 67 tenants - avg usage vaires but is about 2500 gallons a month per household.

How many homes are in the park? 70 to 200 gallons per day per home is “normal”. Lots of variables home many people are in each house…

Around 45 homes are in the park. Based on what you’re saying, there are either lots of people in each home, a water leak, or something might be wrong with the water meter. Assuming the high end of 30,000 gallons per month, 1,000 gallons of water per day per lot seems very high.

Your numbers aren’t quiet right 45X100 (gallons per day per home) X30=135,000 per month. 30,000 per month is not that crazy 30,000/30 =1000 gallons per day/ 45 = 22 gallons per day per home… very low. Im doing 46,000 per month on 28 homes.

Before I sub-metered my usage was about 10,000 gallons per lot per month. After sub metering it is about 2500 gallons per lot - per month.

1000 per day per lot is extremely high. If you don’t have sub meters, check the septic clean outs to see how much water is running.

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@PhillipMerrill thanks for all the assistance! I am not sure if I am misunderstanding you, or we are misunderstanding each other. If each lot (home) is using 30,000 gallons per month, isn’t that 1,000 gallons per day per home? (30,000/30=1,000). Am I correct in reading that you assumed the 30,000 gallons was for the entire park, and not per lot? Please let me know if I am reading your paragraph wrong.

Yes. Thats way too much. Likely leaks or failed lines. I would stay clear of it. Unless you would be buying based on actual NOI. Not proforma.

30k per home yes way to much. Should be 1,000 to 3000 per home per month

Thank you all! Really appreciate it!

now you made me look! :smiley: this is the only park we pay for water in — this is water, sewer and garbage combined.
29 homes = Sept = 93,000 gallons = $1052.69 Oct = 90,900 gallons = $1,043.35

I estimate 150 GPD per space. That is my Local Plumbing Code for Septic System Design.

30,000 per space per month is way to high. Get a leak detector out there asap.

Also send your maintenance team to check each lot. Do the inspection around 10 am and listen to the sewer pipe. If they hear a constant steam of water the tenants probably has a broker faucet or a broker valve in the bathtub/shower. Leaky toilets are also a big culprit.

Based on 30,000 gpd per space, I’d say you have a 3/4 or 1" line that is broken and just dumping water.

You should also call the your water provider and ask for historic usage. This is useful to determine if the increase has been a slow increase or a sudden increase. Slow increase indicates leaky plumbing. A sharp increase indicates a broken line.

Any sprinkler systems? Pool? etc. Definitely check for common area leaks as well.

Bad math 93,ooo / 27 + 3444 per lot, less than 115 gal. per day. Very good on tenants part.

Typical MH Water Use:

Based on our 20 year history of sub-metering:
Prior to Sub-metering: Typical use is 2,000 to 3,000 gallons per occupant per month (2 occupants @ 5,000 to 6,00 gallons per home).
After Sub-metering: Typical use is @ 1,500 for one occupant then add @ 1,500 for each additional occupant per month (typical water usage reduction is 25 to 35%, with simplified leak detection).

High Water Use:

  2. Water Wastes / lack of conservation ;
  3. Water heater issues;
  4. Common area leaks;
  5. Erroneous master meter readings.

Looking for water leaks: Don’t jump to conclusions as to blaming main water meter errors or costly common area leak detection, always start with the obvious.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

My normal water bill was $22.33 with sewer being $37.83 with submeter reads when half the park meters are broken. out of no where we get a message saying are broken meter is running high she said there are no leaks under the trailer and we have none inside. She then said are water bills was $600 which is outrageous and unbelievable especially without seeing any leak or even a sign of a leak on our lot. Something is not right here

Typical water/sewer usage is @ 1500 gallons per occupant per month.
Or up to 2,000 gallons per occupant with full-size washer.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions.”