Attention: CA "Lonnie Dealers"?

Where are the California


There are several people that I know that are doing “Lonnie Deals” in Inland Empire (East of LA/Orange County), in Oceanside (between San Diego and Orange County) and Kern County. I would think there is quite a bit of opportunity between LA and Sacramento/San Francisco… California is a big state!

California is definitely ready for you Lonnie! You will not believe the amount of people that want to meet you! So many people have read your books or heard the term “Lonnie Deal” but have never met you! I told them that they are in for a real treat!

I spoke to a large real estate club tonight. There was only one person that is investing in a mobile homes/mobile home parks out of 200. When I asked if anybody ready your book or heard the term “lonnie deal” about 1/3 of the people in the room raised their hands!

I have spoke to more than 8 real estate clubs this year in preparation for Mobile Home Millions 5 and each real estate club is the same story! When I want to get audience participation I just have to say " Who has heard of a Lonnie deal" and I have hands waving in the air!!!

I can’t wait to see you again in San Diego!



Got two of your books and read them also got Ernest and Steve’s course.

I am in San Diego and have been looking for deals, I went to four parks today looking for deals, found alot of mobiles for sale in the range from 12,500 that had to be removed from the park all the way up to 200k for new that someone put in. These are all retail prices, so now all I need to do is find the wholesale deals. So I too would like to hear from people out there doing the deals.




Steve interviewed Bruce Norris on a teleseminar (one of your fellow speakers at MHM 5!). Bruce commented during the teleseminar that he found a $2,000 mobile home in Riverside and was going to purchase it for a family member. Lonnie deals are alive and well in California! You will not necessarily find them in Newport Beach, Malibu, or Hollywood Hills but you can find them in Riverside, San Bernadino, East of San Diego (towards the Arizona line), North of Ventura county, etc.

In fact, the government gave away more than 100 mobile homes that were located at a military base in Oceanside, California not more than 18 months ago. The homes were between 15-20 years old and the person who took the homes had to make sure and clear all the homes and any garbage from the site. Those homes were the ultimate “lonnie deals”!

Everybody is so excited for your arrival to California! Should we have the high school marching band plan on meeting your plane to give you a proper welcome! lol :slight_smile:


So this stuff really works in CA? How about that?

A marching band, huh? Is that the best you can do?

See you soon.


lol… we could bring out our infamous “Governator” a/k/a Arnold Schwarzennegger if you like? lol :slight_smile: