At Grade Access Covers for Septic Tank?

Hello All,

In the process of Due Diligence, and notice none of the septic tanks have access covers on the surface. The Seller says that it costs just the same to have them pumped out as not. The plumber and Cameraman advise against it as we’re in Upstate NY where the ground freezes regularly and they say they can’t camera the lines unless they have such an access cover.

I’m pushing for covers from the sellers to see what’s going on; they’ve had to replace three of the tanks in the past five years. It’s a small 20 TOH park with some RVs on the side, so the threat of short-term replacing a system sinks the deal.

Any experience? And how often do you chaps pump out your septic tanks?


A lot of times the covers are buried a couple feet under the ground…they just dont have a riser installed so that the cover is readily accessible. It doesn’t mean they can’t scope the tank, but there is some shovel work and searching involved which increases the price.

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Thank, and yes, they are buried underground; between 6 inches and 3 feet. They don’t want to do the shovel work and are treating it as a big deal, so I was wondering if you lot all thought it was, too.


Some communities require that they are covered, make sure you’re not creating an issue by raising them. It also helps with smells I think to keep them low.