Are there any reputable National or Regional Mobile Home Park Associations geared towards owners/investors where they can network ,etc.?

I haven’t found a national level organization specifically for MHC owners… so I am starting one. I know there are overall industry and state level associations, but I think community owners need an organization geared towards our specific issues. I am currently working on forming the association and if you think this is a good idea and want to keep updated on my progress, you can watch for the website to become active…

@Jsmith I think that’s a great idea. I would join in a heartbeat. Assuming dues weren’t absurd.

@Jsmith not sure if you are aware of MHI , and states typically have a manufactured housing association. Those can be good resources.

Yes I am aware of MHI but I feel community owners deserve a group specifically for MHC owners.

National Communities Council? (NCC) and I think Frank actually started something too, or was going to?