Assignment of Contract - 13% Cap

CONTRACT ASSIGNMENT! 13% CAP in Clinton, Michigan!

This Park consists of 27 lots; 3 vacant lots; 9 park own rentals (8
occupied @ $480 - $520 mo)
Lot rent $280 mo;

Gross Income $98,400

Prop Taxes $4950;
Garbage $2640;
Ins $3600;
Telephone $1200;
Legal $2000;
Maint/Supplies $15,000 (Owner does most)

Total expenses $30,890

NOI $67,510

Purchase Price: $519,000.00

Contact for more details!


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There appears to be a lot of missing expenses and the numbers appear to include home rents?

Hi Charles,

These are seller-disclosed figures. The comprehensive DD items have been requested to confirm/infirm.

Yes, home rent is included. If you have any further questions, please gather them and send in one unified message to eliminate the back-and-forth as much as possible.

Let me know!