Assignment in a nice market

Hi All,
I have a nice park in a great market about to be under contract. Looking to assign it. Its in a metro of about 400k, and has massive upside by infill of homes. Apartment rents are 2.5 times the lot rent, so there should be plenty of demand. All other metrics are good, median household income, median home price, etc. Walmart close by.
The only downside is that the park is on well and waste water treatment plant (WWTP). I would say in a market like this, it would be worth about an 8 cap if it was city water city sewer. I’m wondering, about what CAP should I expect to be able to assign this out at? Would love to hear everyone’s feedback.


Depends on size of park. If park is sub 70 lots in $250 to $300 lot rent market buyer pool will be very small. How many spaces, lot rent, vacancy%. Heavy infill with wwtp will push cap even more

The park is 150 lots with only about 50 occupied

I forgot to mention, seller will carry back a note with reasonable terms, 5% 10 year term, 25% down, 25 year am. So bank financing is not an issue.

I would be interested in that deal and im sure there will plenty of interest.

I’m interested

Interested; please email details to:

I’d love to see this deal and any like like. Email me Is this still available??

Interested as…would like to take a look!

Hi Aaron, please send me the information to

Send more details to if would

I am interested in this deal. Could you please send me more information?

Please email to

The property is now available, for all those interested. Please see the attached flyer.
Grandview Brochure.pdf (3.6 MB)
You can contact me at or 720-935-9200, happy to discuss any questions about the park.
MHP Store Link: Mobile Home Parks for Sale near East Peoria, IL

What is the price?

I also need a 25-50 pad park up to $500,000