Asphalt vs. gravel roads


We operate a relatively small park in LA (30 spaces). Currently the park has a gravel / slag road. The road requires a fairly regular maintenance including grading and rock replacement in addition to not being the prettiest thing in the world. As a result, we are debating replacing it with a blacktop road.

I was curious if anyone has gone through this process and how did they fare. Any experiences would be really welcome, including thoughts on:

  • garbage would have to be centralized so the heavy trucks do not demolish the road in a hurry. Thoughts on individual pickup (easy but uneven and hard to enforce) vs. centralized pickup (eliminate the trucks but now have a convenient drop off for the entire county to drop off their old washers)?

  • cost of the blacktop (ours would be about 1,600 feet long)? Any financing available or strictly cash?

  • durability once put in? Any issues with water runoff management?

  • did it change the tenant and park dynamics any? Did it get easier or harder to rent out lots and/or trailers?

Again, all thoughts would be really welcome and I thank you for your time,


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