Areas not included in FEMA's flood plain maps

Has anyone ever looked at or tried to purchase a park that wasn’t included in FEMA’s flood plain maps?  I’m close to tying up a park, but for some reason there’s no flood plane coverage of the area.  Will a professional surveyor be able to tell me if a park is in a flood plain?

Talk to the county.  They will know wether or not it is in the flood plain.  In addition to this, many counties include the flood plain designations online through its GIS and property records system.  Just type in “county, state, GIS” and navigate through the website it pulls up.  You should find a flood zone map that is maintained through the county.  The points of contact and the mapping system should be able to answer those questions for you.  

The FEMA map service center is easy to use and navigate.  If the area is not mapped, and thus NOT in the flood plain, the site will usually give you a panel stating so.  You can print the screen showing the area is not mapped.  Here’s a link: