Area problems (long)

(Posted this on other board as well so disregard if you’ve already read it.)

I did a couple of Lonnie deals a few years ago and everything went pretty smooth. Kind of got lazy and didn’t persue anymore but flipped some houses in the meantime. Started back trying to do the Lonnnie deals but I’m having some problems. First off, the original park I worked in seems to now hold onto their homes and sell them on leases. No problem…I move onto the next park. All the other parks I’m finding in my area seem to be rental only parks.

Could it be that this really doesn’t work in my area…Who cares? I’ll move to someone else’s area. So I’ve been traveling some (up to 80 miles away) trying to find a good “pet park”. I seem to keep running into the same thing that I did with my area (either rental only or the park leases their own units).

I do think that all of these areas are prime candidates for L/H deals which interests me as well but I don’t have the knowledge yet (planning on going to the bootcamp in August).

Has anyone had this type of problem in their area?If so, are you doing the same thing?

Just curious as to where you are.


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Sorry, should have mentioned that…South Carolina (upstate).

As stated, the area is booming with parks but mostly rental parks. Haven’t had any issues working with park managers in non rental parks but the ones that I’ve found finance the sell of their own units. One manager did offer me an old 2/1 that the park didn’t want for 1000 bucks but they wanted it to leave their park ( I guess because it was so ugly). I still have a few that I want to look at but I have concerns about getting too far away from the deals and not being able to handle issues in a timely manner.