Are you right for this business - My Day

Whether you are right for this business is not just about money. It’s about the kind of person you are. My day for example: This morning my manager called. 70 mph winds last night, a home blew off its blocks 5 feet, it is half rolled; he can’t shut off the power at the box and is worried about a fire. That’s not all he says, The wind blew the roofing off a park owned home - the one with the new ceiling; There is rain in the forecast, And half a big tree came down narrowly missing a house. You want to get in this business? Are you unflappable? Can you handle crises management? Can you take control?

  • Anybody hurt? No. The guy wasn’t home. A known drunk, he probably couldn’t find home. I tell the manager to put tape and cones up to keep people away, don’t go in the house, shut off the water at the curb shutoff, (water and electric don’t mix), get the resident info form and call his father, and I call the electrician on the emergency list to remove the weird breaker.

  • Blown roof; we need a big tarp and someone who can put it up. How about the new resident who works in a boat yard. He will know where to get a big tarp quick. Yes, he can get a 40 ft tarp and put it up today, Great, warn him to be careful on the roof, only step on rafters

  • Tree is down. That is done so it’s not urgent. Leave message with tree guy to see if more has to come down

  • Any liability issues? Don’t think so. Manager told the drunk he needed to level his home a couple months ago and he said he would get his finger out of his butt and get it done. Wish manager had put it in writing. Everyone was reminded in a newsletter to check their house for being level. I have workman’s comp in case the tarp guy falls off the roof.

  • Price a metal roof; maybe the prospective tenant will put it on if I supply materials; rent to own so he benefits.

Now the day is over. I never left the house. Do days like this scare the heck out of you? Was your first impulse to run to the park? Or do you just say, wow, this was an exciting day. Maybe I should make an offer on another park.