Hi everyone, I am doing due diligence on a park with quite a few large trees.Have you ever used an arborist to do a tree inspection? "A tree inspection performed by a professional arborist can tell you whether your trees are in good health or decline, and whether they are safe or unsafe."!

Trees are great.  We love them in the South in particular as they give much needed shade.  From a park owner’s perspective though, you should consider the following:1)  Tree trimming is one of the most dangerous work classes.  Workers Compensation insurance companies loathe tree trimming work and always want any property owner they insure to hire out that piece of work to a tree trimming contractor.  And include a clause in your park rules making it the tenants’ responsibility to trim any trees on their home site;2)  In the even of a big storm, the cost to clean up tree limbs can be signficant and insurance is only a marginal help (limbs on covered buildings, or so numerous that they close the park); and3)  You can be liable for dead or diseased trees or limbs falling on your tenants or their property.  So keeping them trimmed and pruned is important.Kurt  

@KurtKelley, thank you very much Kurt!