Don’t know if I have asked this before, but has anyone tried putting a binding arbitration clause in the lease? I’ve tried using mediation and it never works usually because the client is not required to appear (so they don’t) and every time we come up with a solution, it usually heavily favors the client, and they fail to perform under the agreement anyway.

But binding arbitration would give them less leeway, I think

I know the attorneys around here just shudder when you mention arbitration, but in my opinion they hate arbitration, mediation and para legals…anything that takes them out of the money

so, do you think it’s worthwhile? could you put a clause in the lease that says conflicts arising out of payment issues will be handled by whatever court your area hears these things in (in my case the muni court and it’s taking longer and longer to get hearings…as long as 2 months to get on the docket! and then they are very loose with giving out continuances )

then all other issues arising out of the tenants residency would be handled thru arbitration?