Appx pricing for 100 ft run of PVC

Looking to see if someone can assist on what is reasonable pricing for an appx run on installing about 100ft of pvc. We were told that during recent heavy rain , water was not draining on one of the grates. Went out there and looked like mud was in there. Plumbing company suggested hydro jetting as we did not know how much mud was in there etc and rooting would not work in this case. They hydrojetted and sounds like the pipe was broken up and falling apart. The fix would be to run a new pvc pipe of around 100 ft that should resolve the drainage issue. Have to cut across one of our roads but other than that I think on this solution we won’t interfere with homes. Just want to hear from recent work done on what is reasonable pricing. (i know there will be variance on location, vendor etc) for a similar run.

How deep are the pipes?

Just bought a bunch of 3" schedule 40 waste water pipe. Wholesale price was $2.77 a foot. My guess is project would run $800 to $1500 depending on how fast they can do excavating.


Thanks guys. Im not sure how deep they are but rather than run the existing route , we are going a different path to not interfere with homes so i have an inquiry on the depth but would assume its whatever the min would be.

@PhillipMerrill Always appreciate your insight. Sounds like I really need to get some more prices at this point .

Appreciate it.