Apprentice/Beginner Opportunity

Looking for a way to jumpstart your way into the business?
I’m wholesaling 10-15 parks a year and purchased & renovated 2 parks. Both numbers could be much higher with the right person joining in. I’ll provide a salary and participation in the deals that we work together.
This is a long-term opportunity for the right person. Please email if interested:


I’m interested and willing to help out and learn as we go email James Rush.

I have been wholesaling mobile home parks since 2017. At this point it has become a full-time job, and more. I’m doing around 10 or 12 deals/year, and I no longer have the time to follow up with all the leads I have.
I have owner lists for most of the country and send out between 500 and 1000 letters a month.
I’d like to find someone to follow up on my leads and work together on these deals.
I’ve also bought and renovated 2 mobile home parks. I’m looking for someone who can be an asset manager on parks I buy in the futures.
Do you have a resume or can you tell me more about what you are doing?