Applicant who is starting a new job (cannot show proof of income)

We have a tenant selling their own home (we stay out of those business deals).

The woman applying was at a previous job for only 3 months in an adjoining state. She is moving to Ohio and starting a new job in 8 days. She cannot show proof of income for this new job. Do you ever take applicants who cannot show proof of income at their new job?

What verbage do you use to turn her down?

To add to this she has an “emotional support” Husky.

Use the words “Proof of income is required as part of our application process.”

No proof of income. No home.

The “emotional support” dogs are a hot trend as well. They all tend to be large aggressive breeds as well -conveniently.

To curtail this issue our application process asks specifically if they have emotional support animals, and if so, what breed. So know what you’re getting into ahead of time. Have your manager confirm the breed of animal prior to move in.

Having been in this business for a few years now best advice is to vet tenants really hard- it’ll save you a ton of headaches and money down the road if you do that consistently. Do the income verifications, employment verifications, housing references, credit checks- trust me. It’s worth the extra upfront work.

I would dig deep into her employment past before making a decission. What type of employment does she/has she had. The most important factor is what was her employment history prior to the previous 3 month stint and does she have documented proof. If that was a long term job similar to or the same as the new job she starts in three days that is a plus unless it is a no skill service industry job. The key is how long did she have that previous job. If it was also short term then I would definatly pass on this applicant.
As for the “emotional support” Huskey is concerned it’s a scam. Most support animals are simply a scam to get past park rules. If you don’t want to be scammed it’s easy to reject her for her employment history.
Bottom line is it’s your call but personally I prefer to reject sketchey applicants rather than to have to eventually evict.
Checking with her previous TWO landlords should also be done.
Once you dilligently screen you will have your answer but don’t let her time line effect your screening process.

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The job previous to that one was corrections officer at a county jail but she was only there 6 months.

We turned her down.