Applicant screening services

Just found out Kroll Factual data spun off their tenant screening to Amrent. Anyone have experience with Amrent? What are folks out there using for tenant screening?

We use

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this company at first but a year into it, they have saved me a lot of time and headache.

Pros: You don’t collect sensitive tenant data that subjects you to proper disposal
The company sends denial statements
The cost is collected from the tenant online and ranges from $20 - 35 depending on type of
background check you choose to do.
You are appointed a customer svc rep who will actually talk to you on the phone if you have
questions and in a timely manner.
Doesn’t cost you a monthly fee to use them.
Info comes back 1-3 days
Very easy to navigate

Cons: They require you to do a background check to use them.
You can’t run a background check on a tenant without an email address. I ran into this one
time this past year and the tenant used a close family members email to receive the
application request from ISC.

I’m considering rentec. Anyone use them?