Anyone using a good 3rd party billing company?

Is anyone currently using a 3rd party billing company and happy with their work? The service I am getting from the company I now use is going downhill and I need to check out other options.



Check out ManageAmerica, it is a fully integrated online property management package that generates bills and tracks revenue.

With our new purchase we inherited the use of Infinity Billing to read the water meters. Anyone else ever heard of them or use them? They send a man around to collect past-due accounts with a gun (I am not kidding).

Many (all?) of the residents hate them. They cut off everyone’s hose bibs (allegedly) so that no-one can power-wash their trailers. This was (allegedly) because people were using unmetered water (bypassing the meter).


I’m Dan Helton, president of , Southern Water Management, which provides water sub metering services; to multi-tenant property owners (like MHPs, apartment complexes, condos, and shopping centers) were there is only one main water meter, we provide metering technology and services to bill (or monitor) each individual tenant for their own water consumption. Please take a look at our web site

Based on our 15 years of sub metering experience, water and sewer usage drops 25% to 35% with sub-metering. Water Conservation is the main goal with sub-metering.

Southern Water Management (SWM) has been providing water sub metering and utility cost allocation services to multi-tenant properties since 1995. We provide smart water sub metering equipment (AMR meters and data collection), Utility Auditing, Meter Reading, Billing and Collection (know as R/B/C) Services. We primarily provide the means to bill tenants monthly for their individual utilities; charging a monthly billing fee, that is either paid by the tenant or by the property owner. Secondary, we reduce water and sewer consumption; And provide additional revenue to the owner. We can provide our services to any were in the US and currently have customers in Florida, , North Carolina, and in Ohio and Illinois (d/b/a Mid West Water Management)
We are registered with the SBA.
Please let me know how we can be of service to you.
Dan Helton