Anyone used Touch and Connect Solutions?

I was contacted by this company and wondered if anyone has any experience with them. I know Frank has talked about negotiating phone/internet/cable terms and passing them onto the tenants. This company seems to be providing this, too (for a cost, of course).

They negotiate “exclusive marketing rights” for phone, internet, and cable in a MHP (or apartment building). According to the info I got, “…these marketing rights don’t prevent your residents from selecting competitive offerings. The “rights” simply give the provider the ability to promote their offerings to your residents via promotional events at the property to offer ‘specials’ that are not available to the general public or distribute sales literature to your resident’s door. For this “exclusive” arrangement, your properties can be rewarded with attractive compensation. Properly negotiated Marketing Rights agreements typically include up-front fees per unit (commonly referred to as ‘door fees’) along with ongoing ‘revenue sharing’. The revenue sharing part of the deal pays the property owner a percentage of what your residents pay to the provider for TV, phone and/or Internet services. Such agreements routinely run for a 10-yr period. Compensation offers can range between $30 to $300 in one-time per unit Door Fees plus ongoing revenue share”

I believe they take a 30% cut for their work.

A long while back I had some folks sending me contracts for that kind of thing. When I read the fine print it said they would be the exclusive provider in the park. Probably not the same folks, but read the fine print very carefully (as I’m sure you would anyway). I didn’t want any possibility of higher priced Internet/phone since I want rent to be paid.

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I recently used MFS to negotiate the exclusive marketing rights for our cable provider in 5 of our parks and it worked out really well. DM me for the contact I used if you’re interested. It’s very seamless and not much required from the community owner.

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