Anyone use JD Power's Mobile Home Connect?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have experience or heard anything about JD Power’s MH Connect?

It is supposed to provide information regarding used mobile home prices, similar to a Kelley Blue Book.

Anyways, I could not find much info about the quality of the data.

Let me know if you know something please. Thank you.

I use it to get the nada value. 21st mortgage will finance a used home at the nada value from JD power times 1.4. You can also get them to do ‘excellent condition’ to get a higher valuation.

Once we know the nada x 1.4 value, we use this to determine if we can buy a used home, after you add in transport, set up, and renovation.

You can also get a datacomp appraisal if you think we can get a higher valuation going that route.