Anyone place cell tower in park?

I remember reading a while back that some folks were receiving monthly fees for leasing land to cell tower companies. I tried doing a search but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

Does anyone have any contact information for companies that are looking for land to place towers?

Thanks a bunch.

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Hey Dominic730-
I don’t have a MHP (yet) but do have a cell tower on another land investment.
We have had the tower since 1992 - so lots of history. If I can help you feel free to reach to me. or office 817-596-4846


If there is a need for coverage in the area of you community you can actually go directly to each cellular providers websites and formerly submit your offer to host a cell tower on your land. I did this, but I did not receive a response from any of the providers. Several years later, the City constructed a new water tower visible from my community, and that is where all the cell providers installed their antennas.

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